25 Dolphin Avenue, Bldg. D, Northfield, NJ  08225

Making a difference, one call at a time!


  • “I am just enjoying the CONTACT calls so much.  Everyone is so nice.” Barbara

  • “Please know how much it means when you call and patiently listen to my words.  Thank you for being patient and caring.” Marge

  • “I really enjoy the calls.  Volunteers listen to my problems.” Robert

  • “It is so comforting to receive your morning calls. You are a wonderful team.”  Bernice

  • “It’s free and such a great service, you can’t beat it.” Jennie

  • “I look forward to my CONTACT calls.  The volunteers are very nice to me.” Mary

  • “CONTACT volunteers are lovely.  I could talk to them all day.” Dorothy

  • “I feel better when CONTACT calls – they really make my day.” Fannie

  • “It’s really nice to get a call from someone every day.” Pearl

  • “Love your service.” Charlotte

  • “Thank you so much for being there for me.” Frances

  • “Thanks for calling.  You are a lifesaver.” Peg

  • “Your phone call means as much as a visit.” Joseph

  • “It is so good to hear your voice – I love everyone at CONTACT.” Margaret

  • “CONTACT has been very good to me.” Harry

  • “Thank you for being there for me.” Elizabeth

  • “Thank you so much for this wonderful, good work.” Diane

  • “You guys make my day.” Adele

  • “You cheered me up.” Rachelle

  • “I really appreciate your calls.” Marie

  • “I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for your calls.” Marcia

  • “It’s a very warm relationship with all of you.  Getting a call every day I know someone gives a darn about how I am doing.” Linden

  • “It’s nice to know that you are going to have a conversation with someone you enjoy at least one time a day.” Ginny

  • “It is comforting to hear a friendly voice every day.” Cyla

  • “I speak with so many different people.  The idea that someone cares keeps me going.” Betty

  • “I really enjoy talking to the volunteers.” Katie

  • “I love to hear from the callers, and it is a relief to my children knowing that somebody is looking in on me.” Millie

  • “I consider the volunteers who call me friends and family.  They really brighten my day.” Elaine

  • “The volunteers are cheerful and friendly.  Everybody is so sincere.  This is a wonderful organization.” Bernice

  • “I get happy when CONTACT calls me.”   Anna


“Thank you so much for being there for me.”


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25 Dolphin Avenue, Bldg. D
Northfield, NJ 08225

(609) 823-1850